We will assist your Company make Call Monitoring Compliance an easier eask

Secure Data

We have no access to your Data. We install our system on your server at your Premises or your cloud that 'Inherits' your security protocols


texis Supports over 30 Languages with different Dialects. British English or American English are handled differently

Machine Learning

We keep 'Word & Phrases" dictionaries. Even if your speakers use technical terms



"We Know Exactly How You Do It..."
Monitoring your Calls... we meant!

Monitoring Telephone Calls is a time consuming task.
and requires a lot of multilingual people. And resources.

We will HELP you reduce the time required to monitor your calls by at least 40%. With less staff.

We will TRAIN your compliance team to make the most of our texis Tool and become more productive.

We will MAKE you more efficient, thus reducing your costs considerably.

We will DEPLOY machine learning methods so the system will recognize every outgoing caller as time goes by.

We convert recorded voice to text

We remove the burden of manual typing. We can convert your speech files into any type of document.

We will HELP you become more productive

We will TEACH you how to make 'texis' understand technical terms

We will REDUCE your costs

We will MAKE you more efficient

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