We know you have questions. Therefore, we answer the most common ones below. From time to time we will update our FAQ as we want to make life easier for everyone. If your question is not here feel free to drop us an Email or Call us.

What Is texis?

texis is a Multilingual Tool that converts Voice Calls or Voice Recordings to text. It uses Artificial Intelligence and 'Learns’ the Voice Patterns of the speaker(s), as time goes by. With just a little help, it can recognize Technical Terms and Abbreviations. texis grows with you as you go along.

You mention transcribes & translates. How good is the transcription & the translation?

Provided your call files are of an acceptable quality, we will amaze you. Ask us for a Demo, even with your own call files in any of the languages we support for a transcription and a translation.

What are some Real Life Uses for texis?

Some of texis uses Are:

FX or Investment Companies that Monitor their Outgoing Calls. In most Countries, these Companies must abide by specific rules & Guidelines. Their sales People are bound by these rules and there are heavy penalties involved. Instead of having people listening to the total duration of a call, texis searches within the conversation, locates forbidden Keywords/Phrases, and warns the call monitoring officers of the compliance team accordingly.

texis can also be used by Doctors, Law Firms, and other occupations. These professionals record their reports or minutes on digital devices and then ask their administration staff to transcribe them (convert them to text). As these people use Medical, Legal, or Technical Words, texis can be trained to recognize their speech patterns and terminology thus providing accurate results.

In your Video you mention Security, Not Compromising our Data and not changing our Day to Day procedures. Can you Elaborate?

We'll make it as simple as possible, as we need you to understand how we work

1. Security / Not Compromising your Data

Since texis is installed on your Virtual Machine or your actual Physical Servers any Security Protocols you have for your Company, texis will Inherit them. texis will NOT Communicate with us and under no circumstances any of your valuable data will be sent/stored on our machine.

The only Files Sent/Stored at the Server [AT Your Premises] are Voice Files and Codes that are of no use to us. These Voice Files will be sent to our engine just to be transcribed (Converted Into Text) and then returned to you. We keep no Voice Files on our transcription engines once the Process is done. Everything is kept ONLY on your Server and we never get to see or hear your data or voice Files. We will sign paperwork with you committing ourselves for not doing so.

2. Not Changing your Day To Day Procedures.

Let's Use An Example. The Day-To-Day Call Monitoring Procedure Of An FX Company:

An FX Monitoring Department (Compliance Team) listens to Calls made by its officers to potential or existing customers. Based on the conversation the Monitoring/Compliance Officer enters on his specialized CRM System or on a Custom Spreadsheet, information based on what has been mentioned. There is important work Here. The Monitoring/Compliance Officer has to make sure that they listen to the whole conversation and that No Rule Violations took place i.e. The Sales Agent did not make false promises to a potential customer like “There are no risks involved”.

Our System does exactly that with one Major Difference. The Monitoring/Compliance Officer does not have to listen to a long call from beginning to end. texis will mark the paragraph with potential ‘Violation’ Keywords or Phrases and will allow the Monitoring/Compliance Officer to Replay & Listen to that specific paragraph/call segment.

We decrease the time required to Monitor Calls. That means the Company needs less staff, a benefit with considerable savings on Time and Cost.

What is your Affiliates Scheme?

Our Affiliates Scheme generates a Substantial Lifetime Income* to Introducers of new business to us.
It starts with a considerable % for the first year and continues in perpetuity. We welcome anyone who can 'Open Doors' to us to New Business.

*Lifetime Income means as long as the Introduced Customer remains a Client of ACMS

Can Anyone become an Affiliate?

Yes, but, we need to make sure that affiliates are True Business Collaborators of the Introduced Customers or have the appropriate contacts within the Company introduced.

How do we see texis in Action?

Press the "Book A Demo" button and fill in the Form. We will contact you and we will organize an online Demo for your Company through our own Virtual Server

What does texis cost?

This is the right Question

We charge by the hours of transcribed Calls. It is a fixed cost for all our Customers. Unless you exceed the 10,000 Hours Per Annum threshold. We will then discuss our Enterprise Billing Scheme which reduces the Cost Per Hour for the Calls/Transcriptions above the threshold of 10,000 hours.

Ok, we have decided, we want texis, Now what?

There's Work to be done.

First we will give you Signed Paperwork (Non-Disclosure Agreement) safeguarding your Information (and Ours).

Our experts will contact you and arrange to Set Up a Virtual Server (<-preferred solution) or on one of the Physical Servers of your Company. We need 3 ~ 4 working days to have the System Up and Running. And 1 Day for Training. It's a Simple Process.

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