My Story/Mi Historia/Mon Histoire

I’m Not The Most Normal Person You Will Ever Encounter. I Have Peculiarities. I Have A Soft Spot For Cats. My Love For Animals Keeps Me Away From Meat Consumption. I Love Mother Earth. And All Its Creatures. As For My Career, I Carry a “Heavy Load” On My Back,

> 25 Years in IT (Software Analysis & Development)
> Marketing Manager at Jaguar/Land Rover and then Porsche
> Member of the BOD at my Country’s Largest Telecom (CYTA)

I could be writing for hours. But this is not a place for my Biography.

Let’s Focus on Why We Do what We Do.

Writing Intelligent Software is Challenging. And Interesting. I Want Computers To Be Tools For Humans. Most Software Systems Require Users to Adjust and Become Followers Of the Programmer’s Logic.


I Want The Machine To Do The Burdensome Work. I Want The User to Use His Wit and Intelligence to “Enslave” The Machine Instead of the Other Way Round.

This Is What TeXiS WILL Do For You. It Will Help You Become More Productive, More Efficient. It Will Save You Time & Money. If It Doesn’t, Then I Failed.
I Usually Don’t Fail, But When I do, I Find Solutions.

Christos Kyriacou (Cat-Man-Do)
* Photo Is How I Would Normally Greed A Cat ….  Using C++, Of Course!!!!!   (I Said I’m Peculiar, Didn’t I? )


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